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...::Welcome to Kakashi-Hatake-HQ, a club based on the famous Kakashi Hatake from Naruto::...

---04.25.15  Hello everyone!

Finally, one of the biggest secrets of the Narutoverse has been unveiled:


Ladies and gentlemen... I bring you the real face of Kakashi Hatake:
...This means it was already out for years.  ...For SEVEN years we already knew.  ...Kishi is a damn troll.

Personal belief, I think he got his little 'extra feature' from Mama ^^

---10.31.14  Hello everyone!

Just here to let you know now the Bio page has been split up!  Part 1 and Part 2, separated by the timeskip.

Not only that but now we have confirming news:

Kakashi Rokudaime (The Last Trailer) stamp by GBR96KAKASHI IS HOKAGEKakashi Rokudaime (The Last Trailer) stamp by GBR96

...At least in the next movie, The Last, which is canon!  Let's celebrate!


Well, one thing I want to help clear up is about submissions:

:bulletgreen:  Once again, screenshots or anything using a screenshot or any official work (a.k.a. work you didn't do yourself/used in editing) is NOT allowed.  This is because the work was not directly made by you in any sense.  So that means:  No collages, no motivations, no screenshots, etc.  The only way they are acceptable is when used in a dA stamp or when the work is cleaned up by you (a.k.a. you redid the lines and recolored it.)

:bulletgreen:  Please, go over each folder to see what your work belongs to.  If you have a question, please feel free to ask!  If your work is not deemed suitable in the submitted folder, you will be told so and be asked to resubmit it to the right folder.  It's not that hard to figure out a colored work belongs in the colored folder and more.  If you want a more detailed list of what is acceptable, each folder has info inside to the right.

:bulletgreen:  Other is used for photography and things relating to Kakashi like crafts.  So, Icha Icha and ninken (only Kakashi's ninken) belong in there.

Just remember always, if you have a question about ANYTHING, please ask!!!


---10.31.14 Stats updated, Bio updated
---10.24.12 Bio updated
---01.15.11 Contest over, Bio updated
---11.30.10 Added Contest page, Bio updated
---04.12.10 Bio updated
---03.01.10 Bio updated
---12.26.09 Added Jutsu page
---12.17.09 Added Stats and Bio pages
---12.14.09 Club Opened!


:ninjastar:|Basic Rules|

:bulletgreen: There is no need to ask to join!  Just click to join the group and you're automatically in!~

:bulletgreen: Only members can contribute to the club, whether it is to a recommendation to featured and favorites, or participate in future contests, and more.  Members can post up their artwork featuring Kakashi in the featured folder while other works you find with Kakashi made my non-members may be shared in the favorites section.

:bulletgreen: Enjoy the love of Kakashi together!~

:ninjastar:|Submitting Rules|

:bulletgreen: Works must contain Kakashi somewhere, preferably the or one of the main character portrayed in the work.  Works are defined as fanart, fanfiction, or cosplay.  Basic Naruto art is not allowed.

:bulletgreen: Kakashi can be presented as a genin, chuunin, jounin, ANBU, hokage, Sexy no Jutsu, AU, animal, etc.

:bulletgreen: Currently, there are no limits as to how many works you can submit per day/week.  This may change if member submissions are too much.

:bulletgreen: Works must follow dA rules, so no screenshot collages or altered images.  Traces though, are ok as long as you're not clogging up the folder with them and completely redo them.  But traces of other fanart are not!

:bulletgreen: ANY PAIRING WITH KAKASHI ARE FINE!  But I must set the bar since some people hate some pairings and love others.  So NO MATURE CONTENT IS ALLOWED!  Just remember, this is not a cllub for pairings.  Please join one that does.

:bulletgreen: We at this group have the final vote on whether you're work is accepted or not.  So don't argue with us about it.  Trust us, we are not gonna turn your work away because it's not the best.
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